“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”
~ George Augustus Moore.

Nestled in the tranquil landscape between Coorg’s majestic hills and lush flat lands, Green Dreams is a unique set of five conceptual cottages, ideal for family vacations amidst the splendorous bounties of nature.

Great Mornings

Eco-friendly cottages, traditional food and quiet walks for a relaxing holiday.

View to cherish

Green Dreams uses a water management technique called Grey Bed which helps recycle waste water.

Quiet and Leisure

Biodegradable utensils are used in
Green Dreams.

Glint in the sky

No TV. No Smoking. No loud music. A swing and a hammock. Bicycles. Easy chairs. Quiet and peace. Comfort and relaxation.

“In the best, the friendliest and simplest relations flattery or praise is necessary, just as grease is necessary to keep wheels turning”
~ Leo Tolstoy

“Someone must be the first… great place. Enjoyed the silence.” ~ Eric, Holland.

“Feel great to be here. The 1st visitors. Hope to come back!!!” ~ Vinnh Ivguyen, Vietnamese.

“It was great to be here! Beautiful.” ~ Wessel, Holland.

“Was a nice experience. Home to Home experience. Love to come back again.” ~ Madhu, Bangalore.

“We had a wonderful time here. What a pleasure to experience the rustic atmosphere and homely care. I would love to return ASAP!!!”
~ Smitha Madhav, Hyderabad.

“Felt homely, wonderful atmosphere to spend time. Really refreshing. Enjoyed every dish served. Hats off to Mrs. & Mr. Narendra for their wonderful hospitality.”
~ Rashmi Menon, Chennai.

“Felt very welcome and comfortable here and the scenery is simply stunning!” ~ Elka Sinha.

“Really in love with this place, amazing!! Would love to come back. ☺” ~ Paushali Sahu, Dev Kumar’s Group, Lokhandwala, Mumbai

“Warmest people, nicest place, lovely food, homely feeling and personal touch in everything. Simply the greatest place with a intense human touch with nature surrounding refreshing with music. Great! Enjoyed the stay.” ~ Dega Dev Kumar Reddy.

“Awesome experience! Thoroughly enjoyed every moment here. Will come back here definitely and also will recommend to others. Great job in setting up this resort and great food as well. Loved your company.”
~ Jayesh Kavthe

“Love this place. The concept is great. I am coming back for sure. The hospitality is unmatched. Felt pampered ☺.”

“There is minute detailed study of each and everything placed in here which makes us get close to nature and love it more and thank god for making us a part of it.”
~ Namita K Kesarkar.

“The warmth of this place was so unexpected. The most serene holiday ever. Narendra & family have spoilt us with their hospitality. Will make it our annual trip.”
~ Ashok Balasubramanian & Anuja.

“The hosts made us feel more welcome than most family. They have a lovely location and excellent taste. The personal touch and care is obvious in every thing that they do. We would love to come again.”
~ Lakshmi Bala & Kumar Raman.

“In simple words ‘A FRIENDS’ HOME’.” ~ Narasimhan.

“Nice rooms, beautiful and clean + hygienic. Very courteous staff + great hospitality. Would love to come here again. You guys are awesome and please stay the way you are. All the best and thanks for wonderful experience.” ~ Rajeev Ramani & Friends, Bombay.

“Commitment for life! ‘Our’ home in Coorg. A million thanks!” ~ Abhijeet Srinivas.

Nature’s own

Solar panels are used for hot water and backup electricity.

1. How many cottages does Green Dreams have?
   There are 5 cottages, all of similar in dimension and amenities.

2. How many people can a cottage accommodate?
   The cottages are ideal for a family of 4 (couple and 2 children) or a maximum of 3 adults.

3. In what ways are the cottages family-friendly?
   Green Dreams has been designed with the family in mind. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cottages. Children have enough space to play. Bonfire and loud music are not allowed in the premises. Soft music is played, only in the dining area. There is no TV in the cottages.
The dining area has a lot of space and is furnished with easy chairs and tea tables for guests to relax and read. The hosts Mr. and Mrs. Hebbar take great pride in Green Dreams and are committed to personally take care of guests’ requirements. They will be more than happy to share local recipes and familiarize guests with Coorg’s traditions.

4. What are the daily rates for the food/cottages?
   Rs. 4,900.00 +12% Luxury tax with Complimentary breakfast per couple/cottage per day.

Dinner: Rs. 300.00 per head per meal.

Children above 8 to 12 years: Rs. 750.00 +12% Luxury tax with complimentary breakfast.

Above 12 years: Rs. 1,250.00 +12% Luxury tax with complimentary breakfast..

Lunch served/prepared only on prior request.

5. What kind of food is served in Green Dreams?
   In the premises, pure vegetarian food is served. Vegetables are sourced from local market. The kitchen garden also provides quite a number of vegetables like mint, palak, methi, knol khol, brinjal, coriander, curry leaves and ajwain leaves. Breakfast is a mix of continental and local dishes, with eggs available on request. Dinner consists of roti, subjis, rice, rasam with a variety of chutnies and payasam made from jaggery. Specialties like joni bella (molasses) are not to be missed. Milk is sourced directly from dairy farmers. Lunch is provided only on request.
Note: Food is served only in the dining area and not served in the cottages. Beverages are however served in the cottages.

6. How does one reach the place?
   It is quite easy to find Green Dreams if travelling in a private vehicle. Just follow the directions displayed in our Locations page. For those using public transport, you can reach Kushalanagara from Bengaluru, Mysore or Madikeri. From there, we can arrange for you to be picked up. Similarly, you can request for a drop to the Kushalanagara bus stand when returning back. For local sight-seeing, a vehicle can be arranged at actual cost.

7. Is there any facility to accommodate drivers of private vehicles?
   Yes. A sharing-based cottage with thatched roof is available to house drivers.

8. Tell us about the personal touches you offer to guests?
   As mentioned earlier, Mr. and Mrs. Hebbar are extremely friendly to deal with. Guests are taken inside the kitchen to check on the hygiene and traditional cooking methods. They constantly monitor food and cleanliness of the rooms. When a guest checks in they are escorted to their rooms and are given a quick demonstration of basic details like power switches and other amenities

Glint in the sky

No TV. No Smoking. No loud music. A swing and a hammock. Bicycles. Easy chairs. Quiet and peace. Comfort and relaxation.

“A man loses contact with reality if he is not surrounded by his books.”
~ Francois Mitterrand

Green Dreams, # 3, Prabhu Complex, B.M. Road Kushalnagar Kodagu District ~ 571234
Mob: +91 ~ 98 808 00333
Telephone: +91~ 8276 ~ 272437 | 94 481 08028
Email. mail@greendreamsholiday.in

Sweet mornings

Green Dreams has a kitchen garden which is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.